What our Consultants think of Bluerock

‘Bluerock has been a wonderful learning experience for me, where everyone is so kind and willing to help and allow you to learn more. It is a warm and laidback environment, which has thoroughly helped me into the workplace. I couldn't have asked for a better start! I genuinely enjoy coming to work - something I never thought I'd feel.'


‘I joined Bluerock 8 months ago and felt part of the family from day one. It is a very grown up business that focuses on results rather than clock-watching and politics. Bluerock is full of smart people delivering smart work that makes me proud to say I work for them.'

‘I've managed to retain some of the sense of independence I enjoyed as a freelancer, but with the security and backing of a team. We have a knack of leveraging one another's skills and network, and our reputation and awareness levels have been growing steadily.'

‘Having come from a background outside of FS I was understandably anxious about how I may fit into the structure of the firm. However, an attitude of welcoming and team spirit has been enough to dispel any doubts I may have had. There is a good sense of camaraderie and belonging.'

‘Having joined Bluerock from one of the Big 5, the huge positives have been the greater flexibility of working for a smaller consultancy - especially around the variety of work.'