Model Programme Delivery

Currently the biggest barrier to delivering change for Financial Services organisations is a lack of experienced resources who can overcome the jumble of political, technical , operational and emotional roadblocks that often de-rail or de-value change. With the merger of Bluerock and BEE Group, a new innovative provider of change support capability is now available to the UK Financial Services industry. A provider that marries large scale European wide change experience to in-depth specialist UK knowledge.

The new Bluerock Model Delivery service provides:

  • Real change capability that offers a short cut to delivery
    a change partner with nearly 150 consultants and a pool of some 1000+ resources, which includes programme delivery capability AND specialist experts in Risk, Distribution, IT, Actuarial and Compliance.
  • Pragmatic pricing
    market sensitive rates using in-house and associate resources
  • An uncomplicated ability to augment existing delivery partner arrangements
    extensive experience of leading and partnering on multi £M programmes both in the UK and in Europe

Our objective is to meet the demands of clients for skilled capability that is flexible , cost effective and quality assured. We offer an innovative approach to resourcing change programmes that delivers the flexibility of the body shop whilst providing the added value of a truly committed change partner focused on understanding your ambitions and delivering them.

We underwrite and guarantee the quality of our people and collateral , our success is predicated on your success.