Integrated Fraud & AML Management

The demands and focus on Financial Services companies to comply with Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Fraud regulations and legislation has grown considerably and has become one of the key challenges for all organisations. Significant time and money has been devoted to meeting these challenges but much of the subsequent activity has been fragmented across differing geographies, business units and even channels. The result has been an unsatisfactory and dangerous lack of cohesive planning and delivery evidenced by some or all of the following;


  • Disparate systems and procedures leading to a steadily growing cost to comply
  • Localised Compliance activity - not necessarily reflective of Group or wider requirements
  • Lack of process automation and standardisation
  • System inadequacies for handling multiple data types
  • Inability to achieve federated data across whole organisation
  • An inability to respond quickly and effectively to new regulatory requirements


The result has been an inability to achieve a consistent approach to combating financial crime and a failure to present a true enterprise-wide picture of the risk thus placing the organisation and accountable individuals at continued exposure to breaching regulatory requirements.
The core issue in the above scenario has not been a lack of will but of a suitable fraud integration tool i.e. a single tool and process that is capable of delivering a single consistent pan-organisational view for fraud and AML.

Bluerock through its co-marketing have established an integrated financial crime solution (IFCS) that provides a single common approach across fraud and AML activity regardless of geography, business unit or channel. This solution enables organisations to:


  • Handle all types of data and in any format, from any source and in any language
  • Deliver leading-edge automation capabilities through deployment of the rules engine
  • Undertake real time data analysis leading to proactive prediction and profiling techniques
  • Tackle every type of financial crime - from AML to internal and external Fraud - from the singular opportunist crime to organised networks
  • Apply pan-organisational compliance and business process rules - and to automate and standardise them
  • Integrate with internal and external databases - irrespective of their location (currently links to 200 databases worldwide including credit reference agencies , criminal records bureaus and social media)
  • Integrate easily for data extraction reducing dependence on internal IT functions
  • Links and communicates with other systems - e.g. underwriting, CRM etc.
  • Provides an Automated referral workflow management system
  • Provides a full functioning Case Management system with leading-edge visualisation for ease-of-use
  • Full Dashboard functionality for reporting and MI
  • Production of Data analytics for Fraud Efficiency improvement initiatives

Our solution has been specifically developed to quickly address the current risks many organisations are experiencing in their fraud and money laundering monitoring. Its benefits are tangible and quickly realisable;


  • Real time Fraud detection & prevention (internal & external) with user friendly reporting/dashboard
  • Comprehensive due diligence for on-boarding and on-going relationships
  • Federation of data sets cross company and geography borders
  • Improved decision making and Insight through predictive and analytical analysis
  • Enhanced and integrated risk management of AML & AF
  • Enhanced protection against operational and reputational risk


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