Market Comment

Skillful design and management of an organisation's sourcing needs is fast becoming business core competence. Companies that fail to grasp this trend risk losing their competitive edge, particularly given the current climate. For the moment, the right strategic sourcing deals provide a great opportunity to strengthen businesses and gain tangible benefits.

Bluerock's team of sourcing specialists understand that the true value of a sourcing relationship lies in ensuring the longevity of its benefits.

From initial strategy to ongoing continuous improvement, our team members have an average of 20 years experience each, built on a variety of agreements and relationships. Their experience covers the whole project lifecycle including all aspects of technology, process, legal, finance and intellectual property. We focus on building and consolidating such key skills into our clients' organisations, raising their competence and thereby ensuring ongoing sourcing success.

Clients benefit from our independence: the advice we give is unhindered by peripheral influences. Our senior, well-practiced yet friendly consultants will support you throughout your sourcing processes.

We are absolutely committed to managing sourcing decisions and relationships, rapidly embedding best practice. To do this, we have invested heavily in developing our Best Practice Sourcing framework, based on the National Outsourcing Association Lifecycle. This provides our clients with use of an industry-recognised practical model that is easily customised and adopted in your organisation. Software underpinning the framework offers a standardised approach across teams, meaning both internal policy and FSA compliance. What's more, it includes unlimited staff access via a hosted application and web browser.

Our exclusive dealings with financial services organisations mean our people are acutely tuned to the industry and its particular sourcing needs.