Cards & Payments

Cards and Payments are a main focus for Bluerock. Our extensive practical experience of working with major international clients has been fused with input from academics and innovative start-ups. All of our solutions demonstrate a unique mix of vision and pragmatism, from concept design to delivery, across the European marketplace.

Our activity is mainly focused on 4 areas:

  • Loyalty & Marketing
  • Products Development
  • Mobile Payments
  • New Commerce Channels and Micropayments.

These are areas where technological breakthroughs; marketing innovations and regulatory changes are rapid and where Bluerock can bring solutions to Payment Institutions facing market challenges.

Loyalty & Marketing

Loyalty programmes and partnership initiatives are emerging as the key success factors for banks to build profitable customer relationships...

Customer Intelligence is a vital element in this to increase customer satisfaction; drive product penetration and optimise profitability. The application of smart analytics, increasingly in real-time has boosted acquisition and retention strategies.

Bluerock has designed and managed important Loyalty Programmes for several years and firmly believes in their pivotal role in customer engagement strategy. We also have direct expertise in designing Go To Market strategies, marketing campaigns and promotional programmes.. Leveraging the know-how of our parent company Be TSE, we these services with scalable and flexible customer intelligence solutions.


Consumers are getting used to payments cards and mobile wallets but want more functionality and ever wider acceptance. Competition, along with the explosive changes in information technology, fuels the need for retail banks and payment institutions to innovate in products, services and delivery channels.

Bluerock has been involved in some of the most high profile payment card launches and pilots.
New products are not the only way to improve performance. Bluerock can design a set of customer tailored tools to guide the effective management of existing card portfolios.

Mobile Payments

While remote m-payments continue their solid growth, the NFC based proximity payments are the real Holy Grail for the industry.
Retail banks continue to introduce new mobile propositions while IT players introduce simple and effective m-wallet propositions. Successful partnerships among banks - TelCos - IT players - HW manufacturers can be key to disruptive innovation for brick-and-mortar players, but the perfect recipe has not been found yet.
On the demand side, end users need to be convinced of the value of mobile propositions. There are security concerns to be addressed, acceptance networks to be expanded andpayment experiences to be enriched with additional services.

Bluerock has a history of focusing on innovation. We can share market insights; help clients define their roadmap; support the exploration of new partnerships and advise in translating the innovation path into mobile product development and commercial propositions.

New Commerce Channels and Micropayments

Micropayments carry the promise of opening a new valuable market to card issuers. Among micropayments, contactless cards and smartphone enabled micro transactions usually get the most exposure, but there is more.  E-wallets, peer-to-peer exchanges and virtual currencies are emerging and threatening to disintermediate traditional institutions.

Bluerock brings a strategic understanding of these emerging technologies and new players. The proliferation of mobile devices displacing terminals and fixed networks brings new opportunities and challenges and Bluerock has been working closely with telecoms firms; card issuers and cross-industry groups on new solutions.


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