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  August 2007 Features

In the August edition of the Bluerock Review, we discuss what makes Wealth Management different. Also, we look at the challenges for Insurers operating within and across evolving markets.


The Bluerock Review

Our publication focusing on current issues in financial services. Features include guest articles, how-to guides and opinion pieces.

Bluerock Review - August 2007 (223k)
" Wealth Management - what makes it different?
" Lloyd's, London Market, Bermuda and beyond.
Bluerock Review - June 2007 (404k)
" Business, technical and regulatory challenges faced by today's Technical Executives
" Financial Information eXchange
Bluerock Review - April 2007 (328k)
" Is the financial services industry ready to face its demons?
" Pricing derivative contracts
Bluerock Review - March 2007 (388k)
" From recovery to resilience: putting the continuity into business continuity management
" Optimising your card business
Bluerock Review - February 2007 (136k)
" Understanding the derivatives challenge
" Why have so many sourcing arrangements failed to deliver, driving clients to re-consider their suppliers?
Bluerock Review - December 2006 (384k)
" Service Automation
" Effective use of technology
" Exchange-traded funds
Bluerock Review - October 2006 (160k)
" Alpha-beta soup
" Operational risk in cards
Bluerock Review - September 2006 (416k)
" Completing a MiFID gap analysis
" How will the flourishing of merger and acquisition (M&A) activities in the retail banking sector unlock value?
Bluerock Review - August 2006 (408k)
" Achieving loyalty with pre-paid cards
" Developing a £2 billion market!
Bluerock Review - July 2006 (378k)
" Congratulations to Standard Life!
" The pensions merry-go-round
Bluerock Extra - July 2006 (285k)
" Managing your merger
Bluerock Review - June 2006 (358k)
" Retail financial services: outsourcing the next generation?
" Five big issues in investment management
Bluerock Extra - June 2006 (354k)
" Component based business change
Bluerock Review - May 2006 (458k)
" Funds of hedge funds: Getting down to basics
" Trying to escape is pointless
Bluerock Review - April 2006 (490k)
" Prepaid cards - flexibility or fraud?
" Moving to Bermuda?
Bluerock Review - March 2006 (1,270k)
" Bring out your dead, what next for custodians and outsourcing?
" Banking the unbanked
Bluerock Review - February 2006 (165k)
" Innovation; creating the best practice of tomorrow
" MiFID: delivering success
Bluerock Review - November 2005 (1,360k)
" Liability Driven Investment Update
" People really do come first
Bluerock Review - July 2005 (1,295k)
" Liability Driven Investment Fundamentals
" Wealth Management - making integration work
Bluerock Extra - July 2005 (119k)
" Stakeholder management - a measured approach
Bluerock Review - June 2005 (1,117k)
" Q&A: Investment Management - local to global
" Regulation - the single biggest threat facing the financial services industry
Bluerock Extra - June 2005 (1,037k)
" Successful project delivery: do you know what it takes?
Bluerock Review - May 2005 (990k)
" Q&A: The changing face of credit risk
" Pensions simplification: opportunity cost or just cost?
Bluerock Extra - May 2005 (672k)
" Revolutionising IT investment.
Bluerock Review - April 2005 (455k)
" Credit Derivatives - the FSA fires a warning shot
" Pre-pay cards and the UK card market.
Bluerock Extra - April 2005 (605k)
" IS Assessment: helping the IS department to succeed.
Bluerock Review - March 2005 (187k)
" Retail Investment Management - the changing landscape of fund distribution
" Lloyd's and London Market update.
Bluerock Extra - March 2005 (908k)
" Project Initiation: starting off on the right foot
Bluerock Review - February 2005 (933k)
" Corporate Governance - Financial Services Authority Fighting Fraud
" Who Are You? - Identity Theft.
Bluerock Extra - February 2005 (807k)
" Fraud Prevention - Act Now!
Bluerock Review - December 2004 (811k)
" The A to I of Wireless - from Applications to Infrastructure
" The Changing Face of Consumer Credit.
Bluerock Extra - December 2004 (583k)
" Operational Risk: Are you Feeling Lucky?
Bluerock Review - October 2004 (516k)
" Business Continuity Management - Seeing Through the Smoke
" The EU Savings Directive - Are You Ready?
Bluerock Review - September 2004 (246k)
" Kinnect - A Compelling Enough Proposition?
" Can You e-STP?
Bluerock Supplement - September 2004 (138k)
" The Journey ... to a New World?
Bluerock Review - August 2004 (153k)
" Don't Stop Now! - Post Retirement Financial Planning.
" Regulation Speculation? The likely impacts of DP26.
Bluerock Supplement - August 2004 (116k)
" Getting the Most Out of a Consultancy.
Bluerock Review - July 2004 (407k)
" Protecting Pensions - the 2004 Pensions Bill.
" Issuing Retail Credit Cards.
BR Supplement - July 2004 (237k)
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in India.
Bluerock Review - June 2004 (449k)
Global Hedge Funds Industry.
BR Supplement - June 2004 (438k)
The London Stock Exchange
Bluerock Review - May 2004 (414k)
" FSA Regulatory Powers.
" IT Portfolio Management.
Bluerock Review - April 2004 (451k)
Commercial Credit Cards.
BR Supplement - April 2004 (267k)
Offshoring: Communication Matters
Bluerock Review - March 2004 (646k)
Outsourcing and Offshoring Call Centres.
BR Supplement - March 2004 (277k)
Implementing CRM within global financial services organisations.
Bluerock Review - February 2004 (351k)
" FSA CP186 Mortgage Regulation: An overview.
" Account Aggregation: A market update.
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Research Papers

Recent management papers written by Bluerock consultants focusing on some of the key challenges being faced by our clients today.

Asset Management: Improving Cost/Income Ratios (961k)
Improving cost/income ratios through technology.
Account Aggregation (526k)
Time to reappraise your strategy.
Depolarisation (893k)
Responding to the challenges of the FSA's CP121.
Operational Efficiencies in Mortgage Processing (317k)
Key market commentary.
Outsourcing in Wholesale Banking (235k)
How to undertake an assessment of your outsourcing options.
Project Risk Assessment (706k)
An approach to controlling and reducing the risk of project failure.
Third Party Data (296k)
What is the industry doing to comply with the new regulations?
Outsourcing in Investment Management (170k)
How to undertake an assessment of your outsourcing options.
Outsourcing in Retail Financial Services (235k)
How to undertake an assessment of your outsourcing options.

General Publications

Other articles and papers written by or featuring Bluerock.

Offshoring/Outsourcing (388k)
Business Advisory Services and Change Delivery Services.
Offshore Outsourcing Guide (355k)
" Offshore Outsourcing: Where's it all going?
" Marks & Spencer Case Study.
Account Aggregation Supplier Guide (2,562k)
A guide to Solution Providers for the UK marketplace.
Sourcing Back Office Operations (113k)
Developing your Strategic Sourcing Intent within four weeks.
Marks & Spencer Credit Card Case Study (368k)
Migration, upgrading and re-branding.
Mortgage Processing Supplier Guide (418k)
A guide to Business Process Outsource Providers in the UK.
IB Outsourcing Supplier Review (185k)
Outsourcing in Wholesale Banking.
Outsourcing Case Study (144k)
Outsourcing as a means to achieve competitive advantage.

Press Releases

Press releases issued by Bluerock Consulting.

Mark Tennant (Web Page Link)
31st March 2005. Bluerock Appoints Non-Executive Chairman.

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