The Bluerock Review

Our monthly publication focusing on current issues in financial services. Features include guest articles, how-to guides and opinion pieces.

Bluerock Review - December 2002 (378k)
" Using technology to improve the performance of Relationship Managers.
" RAMP - obstacle or opportunity?
BR Supplement - December 2002 (355k)
Which Distribution Model? Which Technology?
Bluerock Review - November 2002 (545k)
" Marks and Spencer launches its first credit card.
" Can or should EBPP and Aggregation Services co-exist?
BR Supplement - November 2002 (405k)
Peeking behind the curtain: A look at STP for Fund Distributors.
Bluerock Review - October 2002 (438k)
" Fast Track System Selection: A 'How To' guide.
" Reposition now, before it's too late.
" Business Banking: treat your bank as another supplier of raw materials.
Bluerock Review - September 2002 (318k)
STP: Does more for you than helping your car 'run like it should'.
BR Supplement - September 2002 (270k)
Put strategic measures in place for your CRM programme.
Bluerock Review - August 2002 (432k)
" Organisational change is based on trust.
" The Sandler Review: What does it mean for the Retail Investment industry?
Bluerock Review - July 2002 (389k)
Globalisation at the dawn of the synergistic economy.
BR Supplement - July 2002 (167k)
USP's of CRM in Wholesale Banking.
Bluerock Review - June 2002 (277k)
" Who is driving Account Aggregation?
" Account Aggregation - Better late than never.
BR Supplement - June 2002 (300k)
Mortgage Processing.
Bluerock Review - May 2002 (243k)
" Successful Business Critical Relationships.
" FSA CP121 Depolarisation: The Challenges.
BR Supplement - May 2002 (140k)
Data Protection Act 1998: Third Party Data.
Bluerock Review - April 2002 (229k)
" Joint Venture in Business Process Outsourcing.
" Managing Operational Risk: Implications of Basel 2.
BR Supplement - April 2002 (162k)
Outsourcing as a means to achieving competitive advantage?
Bluerock Review - March 2002 (194k)
" Is there any value from IT?
" Dare to be Different: Real innovation and change management in operations.
" Can Account Aggregation compliment and enhance your CRM capability?
BR Supplement - March 2002 (169k)
The changing landscape for Fund Administration Outsourcing.
Bluerock Review - February 2002 (225k)
" Account Aggregation is the future.
" Seeing the wood from the trees.
" Business Process Outsourcing: A cure for all known problems?
BR Supplement - February 2002 (155k)
Projects are from Mars, people are from Earth.

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