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Throughout the recruitment process Bluerock commits to be as open and frank with the candidate as possible, both in terms of the candidate's potential ‘fit’ within Bluerock, and about the firm itself – its clients, people and processes.
A first, fairly informal interview will be held at our offices with our recruitment manager, to ascertain whether there is the basis of a mutual ‘fit’. This interview will be very much a two-way process – you should use it to ‘interview your interviewer’. We will be interested in your CV, your motivation for moving, and your career ambitions. You will be asked back for a second interview if the cultural fit is right.
The second interview will delve more deeply into your history, and closely examine some of your past roles and experience. For more senior candidates, we will talk about your business development track record, and practice management expertise.
The third interview builds upon the discussions started in the second interview. Further exploration of your skills and experience will take the form of case studies, or ‘what-if’ scenarios. At this stage you may also be asked to present your own ‘business case’ for joining Bluerock.
The fourth interview will address any concerns or questions raised by the candidate or interviewers. Usually held in the evening, there is an opportunity to meet a number of Bluerock Consultants after the interview in a more social setting.
We will only make an offer of employment to those people we believe are capable of managing and driving the firm in years to come.
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