Understanding the end-to-end processes of an organization is at the heart of delivering high performance, compliance and robust operations. The challenge is to develop a process framework that is common to these goals.Control 2007 enables organizations to capture, analyze and communicate a common set of processes that can be used to manage and transform your business.

EuroGroup Consulting Alliance

The EuroGroup Consulting Alliance brings together consulting practices with a wide range of sectors and skills. By working locally - with intimate knowledge of local marketplaces and cultures - and combining this with an international alliance, we can serve domestic clients and their international requirements from a large pool of expertise and resources.

Marchwood Associates

Marchwood Associates has strong connections with a select group of Private Equity houses, who specialise in retail financial services, where they enjoy a trusted partner relationship. They offer practical and realistic market insight into target companies. They are able to provide a variety of services for portfolio companies ranging from assisting with due diligence, to reviewing opportunities for particular product sets, right through to constructing strategic business development options.

Owen James

Specialists in designing and managing high-quality bespoke events for the financial services industry. Including hosting and facilitating roundtable discussions for various sectors within the industry, which have been attended by a variety of key influencers, from a wide variety of organisations. Their philosophy centres on the fact that when you gather such individuals together for frank discussions, fresh thinking is a natural by-product. This  generates new activity which can include lobbying, marketing or  research.