Wrap Platforms

We are arguably in the third generation of wrap platform development and previous distinctions between wraps, fund supermarkets and other investment or protection platforms has blurred.  More talked of than created to-date, corporate wraps appear to offer benefits to mass market consumers and employers as well as benefit advisers and providers.

We have worked with clients on decisions whether to buy, build, rent or simply export product to 3rd party platforms.  These decisions frequently have major financial implications but also challenge product designs; remuneration systems; marketing support; customer servicing and core parts of the traditional operating model.

Our work has ranged from vendor assessments and the design of key functional areas to programme management roles and help in agency systems and payment processing, drawing on our skills in the cards and payment markets.  We have also facilitated strategic conversations regarding where and how niche product providers should play if and when wrap volumes ramp up further.

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