Distinguishing business with an "electronic" pre-fix has become a dated concept but still many firms are struggling to master the capability to compete not just in terms of new technology but also organisational design, management understanding and process change.  Our work broadly divides into two parts:

Automation for cost reduction - this covers a wide range of tools and technologies from workflow management; self-service and straight-through processing; SOA implementations and interfaces with third parties - all designed to reduce time and cost in supply chains

E-business for revenues - harnessing interactive media; Web 2.0; customer and distributor engagement; enhancing propositions and exploring new techniques to influence online consumers - aimed at growing sales and positioning brands to succeed in an increasingly transparent and consumer-centric world.

Our approach helps firms to sort out what's relevant in social networking; how consumers consume web services; the impact of consumer-generated content and the power of online video communication.  Our expertise in sourcing and procurement; programme and portfolio management; regulation and platform trends all combine to provide a wide skill set and cost-effective multi-disciplinary teams.