Bluerock Consulting : Five Year Anniversary

Last year Bluerock celebrated its fifth birthday - an anniversary of note in a remarkable story of success in assisting our clients to achieve their goals. Bluerock was created in the summer of 1999 to provide exceptionally high quality management consultancy to the financial services sector.

With hindsight, the biggest downturn in both the financial services sector and the consulting industry perhaps wasn't the best time to launch a company! Undeterred, Bluerock met the challenge in a hugely positive way and has grown and developed an admirable reputation for assisting clients across a range of services from thought leadership and strategy development through to the delivery of complex change programmes.

Typically, it is not our style to shout about our work or achievements. However, we feel that a significant birthday is worthy of a little self indulgence!

Along with what we have created within Bluerock, we have been retained by some fantastic clients who have been engaging, challenging and rewarding to work with.

Clients of note include various divisions within Abbey (Abbey National Group / First National / James Hay), Barclays (Barclays Capital / Barclays Global Investors / Barclays Group) and UBS (Investment Banking / Private Bank), with whom we have been involved in delivering services across multiple programmes over the 5 year period, plus ABN Amro, Bristol & West, Cogent, Egg, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan FundsHub, Marks and Spencer Money, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers and the Woolwich.

We are unable to mention all our work but over the coming months we'll be highlighting on this page a few of the assignments where we have made a real difference. In the meantime, our testimonials page holds some detailed information relating to our involvement in several client change programmes.

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