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The UK insurance industry is the largest in Europe, the third largest in the world and, at 354,000 employees (Source: Association of British Insurers), constitutes fully a third of the jobs in the UK financial services sector. Whilst only Retail Financial Services (RFS) is possibly less homogeneous, the insurance industry represents an incredibly diverse grouping of practitioner organisations, each of which faces its own unique challenges.

Bluerock recognises that solutions pertinent to General Insurers may, or may not, be relevant to Commercial Insurers such as those based in the Lloyd's and London Market, and may be totally irrelevant to Life & Pensions providers. As such, we aim to bring our industry knowledge to bear such that we provide the right individuals with the right experience and background to meet our clients' needs.

Bluerock recognises that there are a number of major issues that current face the insurance industry as a whole. These include increasing regulation (both domestic and that driven by the EU and the US), changing distribution channels, the need to curtail costs whilst building a platform for growth, maturing markets, mergers / acquisitions/ divestments, and increased reporting overhead. These issues are in addition to any which may be segment specific, e.g. the FSAs proposals for depolarisation (CP121 / CP166), the London Market Principles (LMP) initiative, etc.

Bluerock provides insurers with a range of business advisory and delivery services aimed at addressing the issues outlined above, and many of our clients find the fact that we can bring ideas and experience to bear from other areas of the Financial Services Industry to be of particular benefit. To find out more please click here and request further details...