A Career at Bluerock : Rewarding Success

At Bluerock, we recognise that in order to get the best, we must pay the best. To this end, our compensation packages are competitive with the premier financial services consultancies, and are made up of four components:

    Salary: This is reviewed annually, based on performance, and market conditions.

    Bonus: This reflects value which has been added to the company over the preceding twelve months, including such aspects as internal development, business development, and utilisation.

    Benefits: We offer a competitive benefits package comprising a non-contributory pension, life assurance and health cover.

    Ownership: As all our people contribute to the success of Bluerock, it seems only fair that they share in the benefits of this success. In addition to a very competitive salary, benefits and bonus, our people have the chance to own a part of Bluerock - employee share ownership is at the core of the Bluerock philosophy.

Working for Bluerock represents only a part of our lives and we consider having time and energy to pursue other interests equally important, whether this be family, friends or other social activities.

Drawing the balance between work commitments and outside interests is something we leave to each individual consultant since we expect them to be involved in shaping each assignment and understand the demands this will place on their time.

Where commercially viable, we will attempt to match employee's preferences and circumstances to suitable, available roles.