A Career at Bluerock : Our Working Environment

There are three professional grades in Bluerock - Consultant, Senior Consultant and Principal Consultant. All consultants work together as peers, regardless of grade, experience or skills. Entry grades and promotions are determined by a framework which outlines, for each grade:

    Assignment and line management experience

    Industry knowledge

    Business development responsibilities

    Practice management responsibilities

We continually review the balance between healthy utilisation and having time to develop the business and ourselves. Bluerock is committed to investing in the development of all its staff. There is a tremendous team spirit at Bluerock, which is reflected in everything we do.

Our Working Philosophy

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the shape and direction of Bluerock, challenge the 'givens' and help create our future. While each new consultant will share our core values, they will also be independent-minded, bringing fresh ideas.

The future of Bluerock will be determined by all of its staff, not by a few key individuals - it is our shared responsibility to keep the firm fresh and growing, evolving and involving.

To enable this, Bluerock provides an open, friendly, mutually supportive environment. We hold weekly and monthly communication meetings, as well as numerous firm-wide off-site days to discuss development of the business, and regular company-wide social events.