The Cards & Loyalty Programme was a business-critical and ground breaking programme. It needed rigorous, delivery-focused management and with Bluerock's help we delivered to time, cost and quality.

Stuart Senior
Director of IT and Change
, Marks and Spencer

    New Products & Markets

    In today's market new product development for home markets, or to enter new ones, is not top of everyone's agenda. However, as the economy recovers and a highly competitive market returns, card companies must have successful, well positioned new products in order to survive.

    Initially, this requires rigorous market research: assessment of the opportunities and the risks together with a realistic view of costs and timescales.  From experience, Bluerock knows that companies need a personalised solution - no one tool provides the complete picture for a comprehensive business case to be prepared and signed off.

    Companies must challenge their propositions before giving them the go-ahead for development, and thus demanding further investment. As product development specialists Cooper and Edgett instruct, companies must ‘get tough' on new product ideas - a task where an outsider's perspective is valuable - some pet projects are simply not viable, or are sometimes just ill-timed.[1]

    After the decision to launch a new product has been made, the planning required to deliver on time and to budget remains. Dedicating time to the overall Solution Design becomes a critical area, and understanding all the elements of the launch from marketing, customer segmentation, legal, credit risk, and technology & operations - as well as having a robust design with strong stakeholder management - will ensure success when the project is mobilised.

    Project Mobilisation is an area that is often under-resourced given the impatience to get started. Ensuring the project management controls and approach are defined, the right people from around the business are engaged, and the project ‘rhythm' is in place are vital components to programme success. Bluerock is particularly well-resourced in this field, with past experience that testifies to the lasting value of well-defined new products.


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    [1] Robert. G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett, Product Development for the Service Sector, Perseus Publishing, 1999. Also