Credit & Debit Cards

The Cards Profit Challenge!

Cards companies are being faced with a range of challenges never before seen in the industry. Bluerock's proprietary approach to the identification, analysis and resolution of the many challenges, provides a uniquely practical way of driving out value across all areas of the business.

Bluerock Experience

Bluerock has been operating in the credit and debit card space for the last 5 years. One of its early success es was the delivery of the Marks & Spencer credit card. The launch involved the upgrade or migration of 2.6 million charge card customers to the new card and placed Marks & Spencer as the 7th largest credit card issuer in the UK.

Bluerock had overall responsibility for technology including application development and infrastructure (approximately 35,000 man-days effort) as well as leading the development and launch of the Marks & Spencer virtual contact centre across three global locations. This involved the offshore-outsourced transcription of credit card application forms onto the Marks & Spencer application processing system. In addition Bluerock led the bespoke technical development of the Loyalty Points Administration system and provided consultancy on Credit Risk and Security and Fraud areas.


Since then Bluerock has worked with many of the top European issuers and regularly works alongside the Schemes on high profile and cutting edge products. Bluerock has also been significantly involved with First data International and its clients to plan and deliver the Vision Plus upgrades for clients such as Barclaycard and lloyds.


Bluerock is able to advise or manage programmes across a broad range of card related issues including:

  • New product development
  • Product rationalisation
  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Loyalty scheme development
  • Pre pay cards
  • Data migration

Bluerock also maintains an active Associate base of card experts with skills and experience across the entire spectrum of credit, debit and pre pay cards options.