Bluerock's contribution to the Marbles Migration Project was without doubt a major one. The support and direction they provided from the beginning was strong and insightful, enabling us to make the right decisions. Long-term, SAV benefitted from understanding, challenging and reducing migration costs.

Overall a first class delivery from Bluerock.

Christine McNeill
Director of Operations, SAV Credit Limited.

Cards Migrations

As card companies dispose and acquire portfolios (see Portfolio Rationalisation & Optimisation) there is almost a constant shifting of portfolios between issuers (and/or processors).  Though this is often seen as an ‘IT issue' it is far from it, with a variety of business challenges along the way. For example, it is critical to the success of a migration that there is customer acceptance of the new issuer, from the plastic production itself to customer contact and card activation and usage.

Card companies also need to update their IT card platforms. The drivers may be different, but the underlying approach, risks and controls required are all the same - albeit with an additional element - it all needs to be completed with as little impact on the day to day business as possible.

There are numerous IT migration methodologies which can manage such change. Bluerock has developed a Card Migration Toolkit (below) that benefits from collaboration with clients, incorporating acute understanding and much practical experience. There are seven steps, which together with the associated templates and know-how are critical to delivering a successful cards migration, across most major processing and IT platforms.


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