Virtual Advisor

    Bluerock Announces Partnering Arrangement with Virtual Advisor


    • Bluerock has extensive experience of assisting organisations to optimise their advice channels. These channels are now coming under greater pressure as the directives of RDR take effect and fee charging becomes virtually obligatory. As part of our approach to consulting we constantly look for ground-breaking innovations that can be deployed to provide effective client solutions.
    • Virtual Advisor offers a practical and proven solution to the challenge of providing financial advice cost effectively whilst delivering an outstanding customer experience. It makes phone based advice come alive by enabling real time advisor-client web conferencing. Unlike generic web conferencing offerings:

                            - it requires no obstructive client downloads

                            - it fully records the session for compliance review/audit

                            - it provides a secure data enviorment

    • To do this Virtual Advisor combines the phone with real-time visuals so the client and the adviser see the same information whilst they talk. The adviser is able to deliver in-house presentations, show documents, and demonstrate financial products, anywhere in the world. He/she can brainstorm scenarios in real time to create and perfect the clients’ financial plans and can fully complete sales.  All without the need for the client to download anything!
    •  In short a closed environment that is an auditable, easy to deploy  financial advice  web conferencing application that can be fully branded for any organisation
    • The Virtual Advisor solution has a proven pedigree with well evidenced improvements in conversion, customer engagement and adviser productivity

    To learn more about Virtual Advisor please contact Paul Martin at