Corporate Social Responsibility 

At Bluerock, delivering high quality consultancy services is what we do best. We are committed to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders, and understand that these stakeholders go beyond just the boardroom. Bluerock strives to be a responsible business and works hard to benefit the communities and environments in which we live and work.

Our core business values encompass ethical practices, respecting equality and diversity, collaborating with our clients and ensuring that we foster a safe working environment that is transparent and ensures that everyone is treated with respect and integrity. We embed these values into our strategy and everything that we do.

Our social responsibility can be defined into the following key areas:

  • Workplace- our most valuable resource is our employees and we work hard to ensure that the needs of all of our stakeholders are respected through our equality and diversity policy.
  • Environment and Sustainability - doing all we can to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing wastage and using eco-friendly products. 
  • Marketplace - committed to undertaking business fairly and transparently.
  • Local Community and Charitable Giving - becoming an active partner in the communities in which we live and work; contributing positively both financially and non-financially.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is ongoing and as we change and develop as a business, so will our policy. We hope to strengthen our opportunities and relationships by working with our stakeholders to embrace this further in the future.


Bluerock is a member of City Action - part of the City of London Corporation's Corporate Responsibility team. We will work together with City Action to continuously develop our CSR strategy, to engage in community volunteering and to share corporate responsibility best practices with other firms based in the City.